(Jamie) Goodbye Shoes And Jeans…Hello Sandals And Shorts

As of 10 o’clock this morning I’m not going to worry about alarm clocks, jeans, or anything that pertains to work for a full 16 days. It’s vacation time. When I got back from our Flea Trip to Mexico in February this day seemed so far away. Hey, last week this day seemed so far away!

There will be no alarm setting, although that doesn’t mean I’ll be sleeping in until 9 every morning. It’ll be business as usual in that department. I just naturally wake up at around 3, even when I’m off. The only difference is, when I’m off, I can roll over and try to get back to sleep. Unfortunately, that internal clock never shuts itself off.

I do like the idea that now I can place my sandals where I usually leave my shoes by the front door. Uh oh, that reminds me, I better remember to cut my toenails this weekend. Sandals and long toenails just don’t mix. I don’t know why, but when people wear sandals I always have a peek at their toenails. If their nails are long, I can’t take my eyes off them. It always makes for an awkward conversation when someone is looking at me while they’re talking and I’m just staring at their toenails.

There you go. I just added “clip toenails” to my to-do list. That’s an easy one. I’m sure my wife has a longer to-do list than I do, but that’s all I’m adding to the list.

Lewis is out of the building until July 6th!

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