Kevin Bittman leaving job at Co-Op refinery

The man speaking for Unifor Local 594 during the nearly seven-month lockout at the Co-Op Refinery that officially ended this week will not be returning to his job.

Kevin Bittman tells “The Regina Leader-Post” he is not only not going to return to the refinery after 20 years as a master opertor, but he will also no longer serve as head of the union which is a position he has had for 13 years.

Bittman tells the paper the company made no secret what they thought of me when they came after me during the lockout and now that it is over, it is time for building back the relationship and I am not sure that can be done with me in the picture.

He adds he doesn’t know what the next step is saying he will take the summer off to decide what the next chapter of his life will look like.

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