Moe and Meili continue to butt heads over budget

The NDP continues to press the government on delivering another budget before Saskatchewan people go to the polls later this year.

Premier Scott Moe has said that will not be happening and during question period today, opposition leader Ryan Meili says he knows why that is and so do the people of Saskatchewan.

“We get why you want to Mr. Speaker.” Meili said during Thursday’s question period which was the second to last of a short two-week sitting. “We get why he wouldn’t want to give a true picture of his plans to the people of Saskatchewan. We get why he thinks he can get away with this cut-and-paste budget by hiding information.”

Moe scoffed at that suggestion saying the government has nothing to hide, and that while the NDP may not think the budget is one to be proud about, there are others who may have a different thought on that.

“The Opposition might not think the budget is very good, but the people might think an investment in health care is pretty good, that they might think an investment in mental health is pretty good.” Moe stated. “The people of this province might think a two billion dollar booster shot on infrastructure going into their communities and strengthening the economy is good. We’re going to find out fairly shortly Mr. Speaker.”

Moe also wanted to know just what exactly the NDP has up its sleeve should Saskatchewan people believe a change is necessary on election day.

“The NDP has put together a so-called economic plan, but it is not costed out so we don’t know how what it will cost.  He (Meili) won’t say how he is going to pay for it whether he is going to raise taxes, but its quite likely he will.” Moe said. “The members on this side of the house have a plan to recover and grow the economy in Saskatchewan and have faith in the people of Saskatchewan to do it and that the members opposite do not have faith in the people of this province.”

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