Saskatchewan Landlord Association calling for evictions to once again be allowed

An eviction ban currently remains in place in Saskatchewan, and since the beginning of the pandemic, over $30 million is now owed to Saskatchewan landlords

That according to Cameron Choquette, Executive Officer, with the Saskatchewan Landlord’s Association, who says that number is effecting many smaller landlords, often run by families in rural or urban communities. Choquette says the eviction ban is currently allowing many tenants to take advantage by withholding rent and not facing any any consequences.

Recently, the SKLA along with the Saskatoon and Regina Homebuilder’s Associations, and Saskatchewan Realtors Association directed 3 recommendations to the provincial government.

Choquette says the preferred and first recommendation is to lift the suspension of eviction completely and allow hearing officers to use their discretion in managing evictions.

The other two options, Choquette explains, would amend the ban for some flexibility for landlords, so if renters need to sell their property or evict someone who is deliberately withholding rent, they can do so.

The recommendations were sent earlier in the month and Choquette says he is cautiously optimistic for an answer soon.


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