Sask. farm blocked off after train derailment

A Saskatchewan farmer woke up to an unexpected inconvenience Wednesday after a train derailed overnight Tuesday, blocking her property.

Joy Guider, who lives near Halbrite, says she heard a lot of noise during a storm that hit the area Tuesday, but she thought that it was something else.

“We were having a storm and the wind got up really bad, and then I could hear a lot of noise,” said Guider. “I really thought, maybe, we were going to get a tornado because the trees were bent right over with the wind.”

Guider says she realized the train wasn’t moving through the storm, but it was only after the storm ended that she had realized that it had derailed.

Guider says despite living near the train tracks for a long time, she has never seen anything like this.

“Quite a few years ago, a combine fell off a train car here, but that was a long time ago,” said Guider. “But nothing like this has been here, close to where I live.”

She says she is happy that it was a train carrying Sea-Cans, rather than a train carrying tankers full of dangerous goods, that derailed.

Guider adds that the derailment was a freak accident, so she’s not worried about it happening again.

“I’m not going to be worried in the future about this happening again,” said Guider. “I think it was just something freaky that happened because of the weather. It could happen again, but I’m not going to dwell on that.”

CP Rail assured Guider that the portion of the wreck blocking her farm would be removed as early as Wednesday night.

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