Regina’s mosquito population expected to climb in next few days

We have seen some great summer nights that have been made better because of a lack of mosquitoes.

Ray Morgan is the city’s manager of parks and open spaces and says a lack of moisture has certainly been a contributor to that, but some recent rain and the possibility of more rain in the forecast means that will change.

“If we get rainfalls totaling a half an inch resulting in water starting to stand will have an impact on the mosquito population.” Morgan said. “When that water is standing, you can expect the mosquito population to increase.”

Morgan says you can help by going to your property after a rain and emptying containers that have water in them.  He adds if you have a dish of water for your pet outside that you should change it daily as that water can become a breeding ground.

While the city has seen below-normal counts in city traps over the last two months, Morgan feels there will be an uptick in those traps and that we could see numbers closer to average over the next couple of weeks which is usually peak season for mosquitoes.

City crews have been out spraying and will continue to do that, but for the next couple of weeks it might be prudent to invest in some mosquito repellent if the plan is to be outside and to wear a jacket to prevent the bugs from ruining your evening.

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