Sask. residents cautioned to look for wood ticks

Saskatchewan residents are being reminded to watch for wood ticks this summer.

The black-legged wood tick is known to carry Lyme disease, but they are not near as common as the American dog tick, which makes up the majority of wood ticks in this province.

The provincial crop extension specialist in Weyburn, Sherri Roberts, is battling Lyme disease for the third time in her life this summer after finding a tick in her hair.

Originally from Minnesota, where Lyme disease is common in ticks, she says the disease can have severe consequences.

She says it causes serious joint pain, crushing fatigue, headaches, eye floaters, and depression.

She says it took almost ten years to heal from the second case of Lyme disease.

Roberts was aware of the symptoms and says her quick effort to get antibiotics has brought her latest sickness under control.

She encourages everyone to check for ticks after going outside in rural areas.

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