Funnel clouds spotted in Bengough area as more wild weather hits southern Sask.

Severe thunderstorms once again rocked southern Saskatchewan Friday night.

Environment Canada confirmed that funnel clouds were spotted in the Bengough area, but whether or not a tornado touched down is still undetermined.

Meteorologist Eric Dykes says that the funnel cloud was very short-lived.

“We have no confirmation of it contacting the surface whatsoever, nor do we have any reports of damage or injuries with it as well,” said Dykes. “It was very quick in the sense that it quickly dissipated. So, in a matter of tens of seconds, it was probably visible for, nothing more than a minute it sounds like. At the present moment, we’re going to be calling that a funnel cloud.”

Dykes says, according to the person who reported it, the funnel cloud appeared between 5:00 and 6:00 pm.

Saskatchewan has seen its fair share of storms in recent weeks, and Dykes says that we should expect that trend to continue.

“July is storm season for the prairies, and as a result, thunderstorms both non-severe and severe, especially in the southern prairies are quite prevalent and prominent,’ said Dykes. “We can expect to see a continuation of storms, off and on, depending upon how unstable the atmosphere is, and if there’s that trigger there to initiate these storms.”

Dykes says that southern Saskatchewan can expect to see more storms heading into Sunday, after that we can expect rain, but the chances of storms decreases.

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