Irrigation project announced by province being questioned by Canadian Taxpayers Federation

Questions are being asked by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation on a massive four billion dollar irrigation project announced by the province earlier this month,

That plan at Lake Diefenbaker will be built over three phases and will cost around $4 billion over the next ten years according to the province.

CTF spokesperson Todd McKay says the plan is great, but the province has to be careful when it comes to paying for this.

“Governments are borrowing billions right now, the Saskatchewan government is borrowing billions right now.” McKay said. “How are we going to pay for this? Lots of things that look like a great idea are tough to pay for and this is a big chunk of money.”

McKay says the private sector should become involved somehow if this is such a tremendous project.

“Hopefully every thing turns out great, but we have also seen like the Global Transportation Hub and Spudco go sideways, so the private sector should have involvement if something should go sideways here so that the taxpayer isn’t saddled with it.”

The province says the generational project at Lake Diefenbaker could create up to $80 billion in economic benefits with around 2,500 jobs being created.


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