Regina non-profit offering cleaning service through pandemic

A non-profit organization aimed at helping vulnerable youth get work experience has started a new venture, thanks to COVID-19.

Regina’s Street Culture Project is now offering sanitation services to local businesses needing to follow COVID-19 protocols.

Director of Strategy, Braden McKay says the decision to start offering sanitation services came by circumstance.

“We partnered with ReThink Bioclean, who had come in and done our shelter and our homes,” said McKay. “They figured ‘Hey, this is something we could train you guys on, we’ll provide you with the chemical, and it’s a service you guys could do yourselves and kind of use as a social venture also.”

The chemical, called Vital Oxide, is a hospital-grade, Health Canada approved spray that acts as a fog that lands on everything in the room, sanitizing it, without the need to wipe off. McKay says it takes about 10 minutes to fog a normal-sized room.

He adds that the response has been pretty positive.

“Most of the places we provided the service to are super happy with the results, its kind of surprising,” said McKay. “Everyone’s really surprised how quick it goes, but how effective it is also. It’s a fairly simple process, so we’re able to train up all of our youth who are looking for work experience on it and get them out there working and earning an income as quickly as possible.”

While the Street Culture emergency shelter and homes have stayed open during the pandemic, their work experience program essentially came to a halt. McKay says that now with cleaning needed more than ever, the sanitation program was an excellent option for the Project.

He adds that the program will continue for as long as there’s a demand for it.

“As long as there’s a need in Regina and our community, we will continue with the service, and offer it to as many people as possible,” said McKay. “It’s a win-win for everybody. Businesses and homes get to keep their spaces clean and safe, and we get to provide work experience for youth in need.”

Anybody looking to book Street Culture’s sanitation service can call the organization at 306-550-4975, or email them at [email protected]

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