USask Researches New COVID-19 Test

The University of Saskatchewan is currently researching a new way to test for COVID-19, that would utilize a less invasive method, by testing saliva.

That according to Dr. Walter Siqueria of the USask College of Dentistry, who is attempting to make the tests more accurate and quicker to getting results. His research team hopes to use a more specific part of the COVID-19 virus to do this. Siqueria says the current test uses a molecule of RNA, and their test will utilize a more specific peptide or protein of the novel cornovirus.
He explains the proteins in saliva last longer and are more detectable.

The prototype the team is currently working on aims to produce results in less than five minutes, and can be performed at home, or in remote locations.
Siqueira says the device will turn a certain colour when it indicates the presence of COVID-19 in saliva, and should be close to the size of a cell phone.

Siqueria says he secured saliva samples from the SHA and Royal University Hospital and hopes to have a prototype of the test ready for by February or March of 2021.


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