Rainbow Cinemas re-opens Friday

After closing its doors in March and seeing its Saskatoon operation decide to close permanently, some in Regina believed the last credits had rolled at Regina’s Rainbow Cinemas in the Golden Mile Shopping Centre, but word of their demise has been exaggerated.

As of this Friday, the popcorn will once again be popping and those who want to attend second-run showings of movies can do so as Rainbow re-opens its doors.

“It’s been weird.” Manager Thomas Hendricksen said. “You come into work and everything is locked up.  It’s dark, there is no staff to chit-chat with.  It’s been tough seeing no one, no staff, no customers, it’s just been me, myself and I so it will be nice to see people again whether they be working or attending.”

After being quiet since March, the concession stand and the lobby at Rainbow Cinemas in the Golden Mile will be open again as of Friday

Hendricksen had heard the rumours that the closure was permanent after the announcement of a permanent closure in Saskatoon and says it is important for people to know that they are back.

“It’s very important to get the word out and get back into the public eye.  We need to let people know we are still kicking and showing movies at a very reasonable price.” Hendricksen said. “Seeing people come back through those doors and getting some popcorn and a soft drink will be big.”

As is the case with most businesses. there are protocols in place to keep you safe.   Hendriksen says masks and gloves will be worn by staff, show times will be staggered by 30 minutes to prevent a great deal of people in the lobby and concession lines with a request being made to show up just before the movie you want to see starts and that in the theatre rooms, alternating rows will be roped off to allow for physical distancing.  At first, three theatres will be running shows with the plan being to slowly re-open the others


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