NDP calling on province to address testing issues; share more information about COVID-19 cases

The Saskatchewan NDP called on the Saskatchewan government Thursday, to address COVID-19 testing backlogs and wait times.

Leader Ryan Meili says that without property testing capacity, the province won’t be able to reopen safely.

“If we’re going to be successful in reopening our economy, if we’re going to be successful in reopening our schools, having quick, quality testing is absolutely essential,” said Meili. “You just can’t do it without those things.”

Meili says that people shouldn’t have to wait days for a test result and be forced to stay home while they wait.

He adds that the government’s decision to reduce testing, isn’t the best way forward.

“For them to have pulled back capacity at a time when demand is increasing, at a time when we’re opening more parts of the economy and increasing contact, it just makes zero sense to me why this government has actually gone in the opposite direction, and we have fewer people doing the work of testing right now,” said Meili.

Meili says the province needs to provide testing numbers during their COVID-19 briefings, as well as more information as to where cases are happening.

He adds that the more informed the people of Saskatchewan are, the better.

“Throughout this, the government’s been very reluctant to be transparent about where cases are happening,” said Meili. “I think the more information that people have, obviously respecting the privacy of individuals, but we should trust Saskatchewan people that the more information they have, the better they’ll be able to make the right decisions.”

Meili is also hoping for the government to be more clear on plans to increase mask use in the province.

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