Residents from Saskatoon’s City Centre Inn safely being relocated

Phase one of the relocation of residents from the City Centre Inn and Suites that began Thursday afternoon, has finished.

As of Thursday evening, 120 of the 150 residents have been provided the opportunity for temporary housing and relocation to local shelters and hotels. Several were provided with longer-term housing options, according to the city. The Emergency Management Organization was the lead in bringing together government and community-based organizations to get the work done.

The city says on Friday, the Ministry of Social Services and AIDS Saskatoon will connect with the residents to confirm they are at the relocation site, provide clothing vouchers, and follow-up with requests for additional supports. The Salvation Army will be providing food for residents over the weekend.

The rehousing team meets Monday to determine additional actions to support residents with longer-term housing placements.

Assistant Fire Chief Yvonne Raymer says the most recent visit of Fire Inspectors to the motel at 610 Idylwyld Drive North revealed an immediate hazard with issues such as unsafe and unsanitary conditions, locked exit doors, stairs at risk of collapse, combustible material too close to buildings, inaccessible fire extinguishers, too few and uninspected extinguishers, improper smoke alarm records and failure to maintain fire alarm systems.

The owner has been ordered to remedy 34 deficiencies under the Property Maintenance and Nuisance Abatement Bylaw; and 27 deficiencies under the National Fire Code of Canada.

Raymer says it is a temporary closure. She says the timeline for re-opening is in the owners control; as soon as he rectifies the deficiencies he can re-open.


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