Sask. cat makes it home safely after hitching a ride to the U.S.

Spooky the cat, from Redvers, Saskatchewan, broke quarantine rules and made his way to the U.S. and back this week.

The cat had accidently hitched a ride on a truck belonging to Jack Shao.

Chylisse Marchand says that she initially thought Spooky made his way to one of the local shops, so she was shocked to hear he had crossed the border.

She adds that the call was emotional for her and her daughters, Alli and Shay Urschel.

“It was such huge relief, Alligator (Alli) heard me talking, and she came in and started balling right away because, obviously, our cat’s in the U.S, not in someone’s shed just here in Redvers,” said Marchand. “So, it was huge relief.”

While Spooky was unharmed during the trip, Alli says that he has been a little on edge since returning home.

“He’s very cautious because he can actually open the back door, he loves being outside, but he hasn’t been trying to open the back door at all,” said Alli. “So, Im pretty sure he’s really, really scared.”

Alli says that her family will be keeping an eye on Spooky now, to make sure he doesn’t take another road trip.

Marchand says the family is very thankful that Jack found him and went through the effort to reunite Spooky with his family.

She adds that it is nice to see a happy ending during these difficult times.

“We’re pretty thankful, it’s a restored faith in humanity that’s for sure in these times especially,” said Marchand. “It’s just not something that you hear everyday, so this is just kind of special I admit.”

All in all, Spooky traveled 1,000 km on his adventure.

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