SUN looking to province to make masks mandatory for indoor public spaces

The Saskatchewan Union of Nurses is calling on the provincial government to make masks mandatory for indoor public spaces to help stem the recent rise in cases of COVID-19.

SUN President, Tracy Zambory says healthcare workers wear them because they work, and that’s why people who come to health facilities also have to wear them, because they are one of the tools to keep yourself and others safe.

She cites research from the Centre for Disease Control and other agencies which show masks can exponentially help stop the spread of COVID, because your droplets aren’t make their way to others and vice versa.

Zambory says, “When you go into a store, you need to take care of yourself to take care of others, and the best way to do that is to wear a mask.”

She believes with summer here and the economy opening up, some people have relaxes their guard prematurely.

Although she says, mandatory masking and the opening of the economy aren’t opposed to one another – they go hand in hand.

A SUN member recently started an online petition asking for the province to make masks mandatory in indoor public spaces, which as of Monday morning had over 860 signatures.


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