Premier Moe is asking for co-operation from Hutterite communities

Premier Scott Moe is making a request to some Hutterite communities as the province continues to deal with an outbreak of COVID-19 in many of them which has resulted in the amount of active cases in Saskatchewan now over the 300 mark.

Speaking on Wednesday, Moe said while many have done what has been asked, some are refusing and that is a stance that needs to change or people will die.

“The vast majority are cooperating and we do appreciate that.” Moe said. However, there are a few that are not quite as cooperative and are somewhat resistant to allowing testing. Some are telling us that they are not willing to change some of their communal practices like eating and worshiping together in groups that are larger than what is allowable under the public health order. “This needs to change and needs to change immediately.”

Moe then delivered a fact that should be considered somewhat startling.

“There are about 6,000 Hutterite community members across the province. With over 300 members, who have gotten sick, we are running above a five per cent infection rate in those communities.” a concerned Moe stated.  “This is as high of an infection rate of anything I am aware of in North America and that is why we are taking this very seriously.”


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