“It’s been a pretty big kick to the gut,” Moosehead Inn owner says Kenosee Lake is safe to visit during a COVID-19 summer

The owner of the famous Moosehead Inn at Kenosee Lake says despite a COVID-19 transmission scare a couple of weeks ago, the resort village is still a safe place to unwind and enjoy the summer weather.

Dale Orsted says this year has been financially difficult with a lack of tourists coming to his bar.

Orsted says they’ve been following all of the public health protocols to a T.

“Before we opened we had a health inspector come in and do a course with all of our staff and went over all of the protocols,” Orsted said. “We have been following them very strictly, and the customers give a lot of comments back that they like how it’s been so clean and how (we’re) following the procedures.”

Regardless, Orsted says not having dancing due to COVID-19 has been a negative factor. He says it’s been tough with no money coming in each weekend.

“We’re known as the place to go to in southern Saskatchewan, and with the waterslides closed until just a few days ago and most of the businesses closed, it’s been so quiet and we only have a few months to make the money for the whole year,” Orsted said. “It’s been very devastating.”

Orsted says the recent COVID-19 transmission scare at another business at Kenosee Lake a couple of weeks ago slowed business even further.

“It affected us almost as if it was happening in our own building,” Orsted said. “So far, it looks like it’s cleared away, there’s no other community transaction, so it looks like we should be a little fair to go from now on if there’s no more cases in our area.”

Orsted says he’s unsure if the Moosehead will be open for next summer due to the impact COVID-19 has had on his business. Orsted is encouraging people to come out now as the golf course and waterslides are both open.

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