Regina, east Sask. communities under severe thunderstorm watch

A low pressure system with a cold front that extends southwards is moving between Saskatoon and Regina and may introduce severe weather on Tuesday afternoon and evening in the province.

Alysa Pederson, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, said it will move through the Regina area and eastward towards communities like Estevan, Yorkton and Melville. Pederson said there’s a risk of nickel-sized hail and even tornadoes.

“The tornado potential is actually for landspout tornadoes. So generally less severe than a tornado that may come from a supercell or a bigger thunderstorm but can do some damage,” explained Pederson.

She warned that if someone sees a funnel cloud or tornado make contact with the ground to seek shelter as soon as possible.

Pederson is also encouraging people to send information in if they experience any severe weather in their area.

“If you do see a funnel cloud, tornado, severe winds or hail, you can report it to Environment Canada,” she mentioned. “The reporting line is 1-800-239-0484 or use Twitter and tweet it with the hashtag #skstorm.”

She expects thunderstorms will clear out later this evening. Residents can expect the storm to exit the province by midnight at the latest.

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