Further COVID-19 education protocols announced by provincial government

The provincial government has announced illness in care procedures to keep students safe when returning to school in about two weeks time.

Schools will need to identify a space that can be used as an isolation area for students or staff who show symptoms for COVID-19 while at the school and who can’t leave the building right away.

A designated school official will also need to accompany any students from the classroom to the school’s designated isolation area.

The isolation area must also be cleaned by non-teaching staff.

The designated school official is to wear a mask and face shield during all interactions with the student to avoid contact with the student, and to keep social distance as much as possible.

As well, if there is a case of COVID-19 confirmed by the Saskatchewan health Authority, the school will be notified.

The school will also need to have record keeping of attendance and seating arrangements to support contact tracing and public health investigation efforts if they are needed. School divisions are also expected to have alternative learning opportunities in place for students missing school due to medical reasons.

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