Monopoly with a Regina flavour now available in Queen City

A Canadian company has produced a version of arguably the most famous board game in the world with a Regina twist to it.

In conjunction with Walmart Canada, Outset Media has produced a board game called `Reginaopoly`which is played like the regular game with players able to own properties like the Southland Mall, Parliament Avenue, the Milky Way and the Saskatchewan Science Centre.

Outset Media’s senior vice-president is Jean-Paul Teskey. He says the company partnered with Walmart Canada to make games up for some of the communities they serve and this year it was decided on Saskatchewan as a Regina game has been made as well as ones for Estevan, North Battleford and Moose Jaw.

“This is a game that is great for people that have been to the city and went away for whatever reason or for people who lived in Regina and then moved away.” Teskey said. “It would also serve well for a family-night board game for those in Regina who for one night could say they own this piece of property or that one,”

Only 720 games were produced at a cost of just under $30 which Teskey says is very affordable.  He adds if the demand is there, the chances of producing more games for the market are high.




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