Among protesters Regina Conservative M.P’s rally for Sir John A. Macdonald statue

Photo: Andrew Scheer/Facebook

Regina’s Conservative M.Ps held a virtual rally in front of the Sir John A. Macdonald statue in Victoria Park Thursday morning, with protesters also arriving to show their support for the tear down of the monument

After recent calls for the statue’s removal because of Macdonald’s involvement of the residential school system, the Conservatives feel it is better to leave the statue where it stands and learn from history instead of trying to erase it, which they feel is what the motive is behind the call to remove the statue of Canada’s first Prime Minister.

Regina-Qu’Appelle M.P. Andrew Scheer spoke with protesters voicing their concerns in the background.

He said meaningful dialogue is needed first and foremost.

“If we replace cancel culture with critical thinking, we can have heartfelt conversations and actual dialogue instead of emotional reactions,” Scheer said.

Warren Steinley, M.P for Regina-Lewvan, said while there’s not denying that not everything Sir John A. Macdonald did while in office is worth celebrating.

“However my argument for why the statue should continue to stand where it does is not in defense of those controversial ideas, but rather a celebration of his positive contributions to Canadian federation and his key role in the evolution in what has become the greatest country on earth,” Steinley said.

Regina-Wascana M.P Michael Kram added that while Macdonald made mistakes, he must also be remembered for accomplishments like  Confederation, expanding the country from Atlantic to Pacific and the construciton of the Trans-Continental Railway.

The future of the statue remains in question with the City of Regina currently seeking opinions from residents.


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