Jim Elliott announces third straight mayoral bid

A familiar face has once again thrown his hat in the ring to become Regina’s next Mayor.

Jim Elliott announced his third straight mayoral bid Friday morning. His campaign is centered around four main pillars, one of which is environmental sustainability.

“We’ve got a number of problems that aren’t being dealt with,” said Elliott. “First of all, this city is supposed to be sustainable according to its vision. It isn’t, and with its plans going forward, it clearly still isn’t, even if those plans were good enough to do it.”

The other pillars of Elliott’s campaign include addressing homelessness, building social capital, and reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples.

Elliott, who previously ran for Mayor in 2012 and 2016, says that this campaign is different.

“First of all, I’ve spread out my campaign a lot further than what I did initially in the sense of the topics and areas of interest,” said Elliott. “Listening to the community, seeing what is of interest to them.”

Elliott says that the current city council has been complacent and hasn’t handled the important issues.

“I think we’ve had a chance to see, in the cases of our incumbents, a lack of action on a number of topics, and that’s where my efforts will be put this time to off both what hasn’t been done, but also some of the things that need to be done across this community,” said Elliott.

Elliott joins an already packed race for Mayor of Regina, squaring off against Michael Fougere, Jerry Flegel, Tony Fiacco and Mitchell Howse.

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