Gov’t hiring additional staff to deal with issues surrounding back-to-school plan

With the school bell ringing for the first time since March today across Saskatchewan, the province is letting us know $51 million in approved funding for emergent, one-time expenses associated with a safe return to school is being spent.

$19.1 million is being spent on sanitization. Other money is going to things like equipment and furniture, supports for immunocompromised studnets, additional distance and learning and technology upgrades.

As a result of this new funding, a total of 443 custodial support, teachers and staff are expected to be hired. This is in addition to the more than 200 staff projected to be hired as a result of the increased funding in the 2020-21 Budget.

“In order to ensure our schools are as safe as possible for students and staff, $80 million has been committed for the start of the school year,” Education Minister Gord Wyant a release “As a result of our combined funding increases, more than 600 new teachers and staff will be funded this school year.”

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