Regina schools confident in back to school plans

Both the Regina Public and Catholic School Divisions are confident of their plans as kids return to the classroom Tuesday morning.

Twylla West with Regina Catholic Schools says people must remember that the plan as it stands now is flexible and will change if conditions warrant it.

“I’m sure as a parent, you can appreciate how important it is that we always remember that it is a fluid plan, and that things may change,” said West. “Flexibility, on all our parts, is necessary as we navigate our way through the global pandemic.”

Public school spokesperson Terry Lazarou says you should be doing one thing if you are a parent or student with questions about what is going to happen today and this year.

“Parents, caregivers, and students who aren’t quite sure yet what will be happening are invited to go to the school websites for all the information about what each individual school will be doing.”

Both divisions are also reminding parents to keep their child home if they are not well and that hopefully the business community will be cognizant of that if a parent can’t attend their job because they need to stay home and look after their son or daughter.

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