SGI reminds drivers to drive safely in school zones

It is the first day of school in Saskatchewan, and SGI reminds drivers to be safe in school zones.

The insurance company’s Tyler McMurchy says those school zones will be busy places.

“Pedestrians, cyclists, parents dropping off their kids, school buses loading and unloading,” McMurchy said. “It’s really important for drivers to slow down, avoid distractions, keep their eyes on the road, and this will go a long way in keeping everybody else safe.”

SGI’s Tyler McMurchy reminds people to obey school zone speed limits, and watch out for school buses.

“Statistically speaking, they’re safest vehicle on the road when you’re on one, but it’s when kids are getting off or getting on to it, or making their way to-or-from the school bus is when passing motorists really have to be aware that that’s where the danger lies.”

He also reminds drivers to watch out for kids crossing the road, and not make a u-turn in school zones.


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