City once again sending crews out to inspect blue recycling bins

For the second year, the City of Regina will have people visiting select neighbourhoods to see if recycling is being done properly or not.

The “CartSmart Team” will inspect recycling bins to see if the materials inside and the sorting is being done correctly or if mistakes are being made.

Kurtis Doney is the City’s director of water, waste and environment, and says one of two things will happen to the bins that have been inspected.

“If everything is good, we will put a good job sticker on the bin to let the homeowner know we are satisfied with how they are doing things,” Doney said. “If there is room for improvement, we will put a tag on the bin with some tips to help them out and hopefully make it better next time.”

Doney says of the material received in recycling carts, about 10 percent are items not included in the recycling program.  This can include plastic bags and plastic wrap along with crinkly packaging like chip bag material and styrofoam food containers.

Last year, 72 percent received “Oops” tags.

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