SK gov’t staying mum on Durocher decision

Tristan Durocher’s 44-day protest and fast is over and his teepee along with the “Walking With Our Angels” camp is gone.  However, the discussion in the aftermath of the anti-suicide advocates remains.

Durocher, who had been camped out across the street from the Saskatchewan Legislature, got a boost from a Regina judge Friday when he ruled against the government who wanted him removed.

Premier Scott Moe was in Saskatoon on Monday and was asked about the decision. He basically kept his opinion to himself saying his thoughts on the matter are now irrelevant now that the judge has ruled against them. He would say though that the government awaits a more detailed description from Justice Graeme Mitchell as to why he made the ruling he did.

“We respect the decision that the judge has made at this point. ” Moe said. “Upon receiving those details, the Ministry of Justice will recommend any decisions that the government should make at that point in time.

Mitchell stopped by the camp on Sunday before Durocher packed up and went home.  It is a move that provincial justice minister Don Morgan found to be strange.

“I think his actions in going there speak for themselves so I don’t think its appropriate to make a comment.” Morgan said. “We will wait for the final judgment is rendered, review it carefully and then decide what the next steps are at that point.”

Justice officials have 30 days to decide on an appeal.


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