First names you don’t hear very often nowadays

Last night a co-worker and I got talking about first names that one doesn’t encounter amongst newborns these days. There are, of course, those older names that never seem to go away like Amy, Olivia, Sofia, William, Henry, Emma, Isabella, Nora, Liam, Harry, and Jack amongst others.

What happened to some of those other older names out there? When was the last time you went to a baby shower for little Walter? How about baby Gladys? These are names that you just don’t hear from parents anymore. Names like Eunice, Mabel, Albert, Ruth, Helga, Calvin, Doris, Edith, even Wolfgang have gone by the wayside in 2020. There’s certainly nothing wrong with these names, we just don’t hear about them as often.

It’s funny how some first names stick around over the years and remain popular while others just seem to fade away, but then make a comeback years later. We’ve had our fair share of unique and out of the ordinary names in my own family as well. My Grandmother’s sister was named Iverdean, for example. Now that’s a name that you hardly ever hear about in 2020! We all have those special and unique names that run through our family for a number of reasons. It’s not uncommon for parents to name kids after an influential parent, uncle, great-uncle or aunt, etc. Either way, if you, or somebody you know, is expecting a newborn this year, good luck with picking that first name! Here’s a link with the list of the most popular baby names in Canada from the past year.

Fyi, there aren’t many Cody’s out there…just saying!



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