Province invests $6.4 million in Regina’s residential road renewal

The City of Regina is receiving funds from the provincial government to help pay for road renewal over the next two years.

Nine additional residential roads will either be rebuilt or rehabilitated in 2021 with this investment that comes from the Municipal Economic Enhancement Program, or MEEP.

Regina Mayor Michael Fougere says road infrastructure is critical for the city and its residents.

“We have spent about $58.2 million over the past few years with our local road improvement program, 113 kilometers has been done,” Fougere said. “With this investment that we will be using next year, it’s $6.4 million, or an additional 4.5km of work.”

Fougere says road renewal has become a major priority for the city in recent years.

“We set aside one percent of our mill rate every year for the past five or six years to dedicate a fund to work on those roads and different ways to do repairs,” Fougere said. “Our soil, with clay, it makes it very difficult to maintain these roads in a way that we’d like to have them.”

The MEEP program is part of the provincial government’s $7.5 billion capital campaign to help Saskatchewan’s economy recover from COVID-19.

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