Regina rolls out food and yard waste pilot project

The City of Regina unveiled their green bin pilot project Monday morning.

The green bins, which the city aims to dispatch to the entire city by 2023, are for food and yard waste that will be taken to a city compost facility.

City spokesperson Kurtis Doney says about 2,800 residents will be taking part in the pilot project.

“The residents throughout Regina were picked to ensure that we have residents in every ward and a combination of front and backyard pickup.”

Doney says the city’s composting facility is able to break down items like meat and bones that are not normally able to be composted.

“The heat is high enough and it’s strong enough to break down that kind of material that typically isn’t successful in your backyard.”

Doney says the one-year pilot is to find what works for Regina.

“The processing side of things will be complex once we get to a city-wide roll-out,” Doney said. “We need to determine how we can best operate and maintain a processing site for the food and yard waste program.”

The city says this will help with their goal of diverting 65 percent of waste, and will also help reduce landfill management costs.

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