Mixed reaction from agriculture community after federal throne speech

Farmers are expressing mixed support to the federal speech from the throne.

Agriculture minister David Marit is disappointed with the speech.

He says the federal speech from the throne offered little support for Saskatchewan farmers.

“There really wasn’t too much in agriculture, there was obviously some commitment on the supply-management side for dealing with trade agreements, but to say we’re disappointed that their wasn’t some priority put on agriculture, and primarily agriculture in Canada as we are obviously a trading nation for agriculture products, is concerning for us.”

Meanwhile, SARM president Ray Orb sees some hopeful signs with support for the energy industry.

He is also pleased to see recognition that farmers are contributing to the reduction in greenhouse gases.

“We know they are developing a federal program to look at offsets for rewarding farmers, we need them to develop a program that’s meaningful and something that puts substantial money in farmers pockets that have already been doing that sequestering for years.”

Orb also wants federal and provincial support for improved rural internet and cell phone service.

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