Premier Moe talks election as polls open in less than a month

The Saskatchewan Party puts their 13 years of power on the line when residents go to the polls in less than a month’s time.

Scott Moe is running in his first election as Premier. Since he took over as Saskatchewan’s leader, he has had to handle several issues such as the Humboldt Broncos bus crash, the federal carbon tax, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Premier Moe says Saskatchewan residents have a question to ask themselves in this election.

“We really feel over the course of the next three-to-five weeks, the question that the people of this province will be asking themselves is just that — who do they trust to recover the economy in this province?”

Moe says mental health is also a problem being brought up more and more over the last few years, adding more funding is being invested to help with the issue in Saskatchewan.

“For example, we re-opened a number of addictions beds in the community of Estevan that are focused on not just general addiction recovery, but rehabilitation of those with crystal meth addictions.”

Moe says the reason he is running is he still wants to ensure this generation can go to school, find a job, and raise a family here in Saskatchewan.

“When I graduated High School, a great number — including myself for a short period of time — had to leave this province for a job, and that was back, not to date myself, but in the very early 1990’s,” Moe said. “Things have changed since that point in time; I’ve seen my children’s generation making very avid choices to stay here (and) they are finding employment here.”

When it comes to healthcare, Moe says the urgent care centres being built in Regina and Saskatoon do not replace hospitals.

“If we find this model to be highly successful, then we’d obviously look at expanding it after that point in time,” Moe said. “This government has been committed to health care infrastructure and health care funding of services and that has been most evident in the buildings that we have built — hospitals and long-term care centres — but also in the doctors, nurses and medical health professionals that we have recruited over the last number of years.”

Moe sat down with 620 CKRM’s Ryan McNally to discuss several issues heading into this election. You can listen to the full interview here:

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