Regina and District Chamber of Commerce plans to engage community members during provincial election

The Regina and District Chamber of Commerce is one of many organizations in the province that will be keeping close tabs on the provincial election this fall.

John Hopkins, chief executive officer of the chamber of commerce, said the most important aspect of the election is that people get out and vote. He and the chamber do not want to tell people who to vote for, but they do plan to offer voters a number of opportunities to get involved in democracy over the next few weeks.

“What we plan to do is do a series of debates on very specific issues like health, infrastructure, economy, those type of things,” explained Hopkins. “We will have those in mid-October.”

The debates will be offered on AccessNow TV.

The chamber will also be asking all Regina candidates about their positions on a variety of questions that are important to their membership. Hopkins added that the chamber will be releasing multiple videos to highlight the important issues this election season.

For Hopkins, it’s important for their members and other voters to have a voice.

“We continue to think it’s important to bring out the issues that are important to our members like continuing to grow the economy, access to tidewater, the importance of the resource and agriculture sectors, and the list goes on,” he mentioned.

“We’re not saying those wouldn’t be part of it if we weren’t involved, but we think it’s important to express the views of our membership.”


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