NDP Commit to Investments in Schools that will Address Over-Crowded Classrooms

The Provincial NDP announced a commitment of $125 million dollars towards over-crowding in classrooms, on Thursday, if elected at the end of the month.

NDP Leader Ryan Meili says this will help school divisions with under-staffing, allowing them to hire hundreds more teachers, educational assistants and caretakers. Meili states that Scott Moe will tell you the province can’t afford to do this, Meili says we can’t afford not to. He says our children’s future, and a good education for our kids is not a luxury, it’s absolutely crucial. Meili suggests to pay for this, they have come up with a plan to make sure the very wealthiest in the province contribute just a little bit more. A plan he says the SaskParty rejects.

Meili pointed to a 2017 SaskParty cut of $54 million that he says has already hurt schools and adds future cuts, especially during a pandemic are downright dangerous. Meili claims the SaskParty has stopped counting class sizes and the NDP will work with school divisions on a plan for what an ideal classroom number is.

There are 14 teachers representing the NDP during the election, Meili says these are people who stepped up to say what’s going on in the classroom is not ok.

Minimum Wage Increase

With the minimum wage increasing to $11.45 Thursday, Ryan Meili calls it the wrong approach for the province. Meili says with the increase of 13 cents it leaves us with the lowest minimum wage in the province. He says this is something that will do nothing to improve the purchasing power, or the quality of life for workers in the province, and that it drives drives wages down for everyone. Meili says the Saskatchewan NDP remain committed to bringing in a minimum wage of $15 an hour in the province.


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