“An embarassment”; Saskatchewan Federation of Labour repeats call for higher minimum wage.

Saskatchewan’s minimum wage workers got an increase in pay Wednesday, but that increase is only 13 cents.

Despite the increase, the $11.45 wage is still Canada’s lowest which is something the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour says is an embarassment.

President Lori Johb says a 13 cent increase is an insult to workers especially as we deal with COVID-19.  She is reiterating the call for a $15 an hour minimum wage and that it needs to happen now and not slowly be phased in.

“A slow phase-in isn’t what is needed.” Johb says. “We can’t wait two to three years for it to happen, we need it now.  Workers shouldn’t be struggling to make ends meet when they have a full-time job.  Those workers need more money in their pockets that they can spend in their community to stimulate the economy.”

While the provincial election campaign has just started, Johb is hoping both Ryan Meili and Scott Moe will say something about the minimum wage.   Earlier this year, Meili did say if he was elected, legislation would be enacted calling for a $15 minimum wage.

Johb also took time to say that not only could the government be instituting a $15 minimum wage, but large corporations could be paying their workers that $15 an hour.  She is disgusted at the fact that many large corporations gave employees a rise in hourly wages when the pandemic started and then took that rise away while making millions and risking the health and safety of said worker.

The minimum wage in Saskatchewan  is calculated using an indexation formula “which gives equal weight to changes to the Consumer Price Index and average hourly wage for Saskatchewan.” according to the ministry of Labour.


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