Regina unveils ambitious 10-year Economic Growth Plan

Economic Development Regina (EDR) has unveiled it’s ambitious 2020-2030 Economic Growth Plan.

The plan contains 19 specific actions EDR says will drive economic growth in the greater Regina area and improve the lives of residents.

EDR Director and steering committee co-chair Murad Al-Katib says, despite the pandemic, it’s an exciting time for Regina.

“Over the next decade, our population in Saskatchewan is going to grow to 1.4 million, and Regina, as one of the two major cities in our province, is poised to be an engine of that growth of our economy,” said Al-Katib. “We’re on the verge of some amazing things here, we have the opportunity to create jobs, increase prosperity here, and use Regina as a hub to grow and develop southern Saskatchewan.”

The plan was originally drafted before the COVID-19 pandemic, but Mayor Michael Fougere says the plan is focus on economic recovery.

“We do recognize we’re in extraordinarily difficult times, but we also know we will get through those times,” said Fougere. “We have to plan for that and make sure we do the right thing to grow our economy, create jobs and create investment in our economy.”

The aim of the plan is to promote Regina as a leading destination for visitors, talents, businesses, and investments.

“It all comes to the brand of the city, who we are as a city and how we portray ourselves, how we see ourselves, and how we want to be seen as a destination for investment, but also recreation and tradeshows, conventions are all really critical,” said Fougere. “As we come through the pandemic, we want to focus on become really crystal clear on the marketing of our city, how we see ourselves as a destination, and the image of the city as well.”

Over the coming months, the City of Regina, Economic Development Regina and other key stakeholders will work together to develop a mobilization strategy to move the growth plan forward.

To view the complete 2030 Economic Growth Plan, click here.

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