NDP promises gender equality if elected

Regina’s NDP female candidates gathered in Victoria Park Saturday to promise increased gender equality if their party were to form government.

Regina Lakeview Candidate Carla Beck says one of the main focuses of the NDP is to make sure women feel that they are heard.

“We’re all here today because we believe that Saskatchewan women are ready for change,” said Beck. “We’re hearing on the doorstep, concerns that Scott Moe’s government simply does not prioritize women and their families. That’s something we’ve witnessed as well, but Saskatchewan New Democrats do.”

Some of the promises the party is making include introducing pay equity legislation, and the banning of high heels in mandatory dress codes.

NDP Deputy Leader Nicole Sarauer says Saskatchewan has fallen behind in making sure women make the same as their male counterparts.

“Saskatchewan is one of only four provinces that doesn’t have pay equity legislation,” said Sarauer. “Here in Regina, women earn 85 cents to every dollar men earn. That is unacceptable.”

Sarauer says mandatory dress codes in the restaurant industry sexualize women and make them feel uncomfortable. She says a priority of her party is to make women feel safe at work.

“Over the last few months, we’ve also heard from dozens of women who shared their stories of sexual harassment in the restaurant industry,” said Sarauer. “We heard about a pattern of harassment that too many women were forced to endure in order to make a pay cheque. I have heard stories from women who have called employment standards about what they were forced to wear to work and were told to take it up with The Human Rights Commission.”

Beck and Sarauer say they are hearing an increased appetite from voters for more women in the Legislature.

The NDP are running a slate of candidates made up of 28 women versus the 11 female candidates representing the Sask Party.

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