Moe defends Regina Rosemont candidate

Saskatchewan Party leader Scott Moe says Alex Nau deserves a second chance and they are going to give it to him.

On Sunday, it was revealed Nau, who is running for the SaskParty in the Regina Rosemont riding, was part of a game at Craven in 2016 when he was a teenager called “Wheel of Fun” where women could be asked to expose their breasts.

Speaking in Prince Albert Monday, Moe came to Nau’s defence saying while it is something he and the party does not condone, he is not going to take Nau’s political career away from him.

“In no way should we be supportive of these actions, but we should also provide people with the opportunity when they say these actions are juvenile and  when they say something like this will not occur again, we should provide them with the opportunity to say that and believe that they have changed.” Moe said.

Moe added the incident was one they were aware of and that he and several other members of the party did speak to him about it

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