Moe discloses 1994 impaired driving charge

During a platform announcement Wednesday, Saskatchewan Party Leader Scott Moe spoke to a 1994 incident that resulted in him facing impaired driving charges.

Moe says he did not disclose the details of the incident previously because he was found innocent.

“When I was 20 years old, I was also charged with impaired driving and leaving the scene of an accident, those charges were later withdrawn because I was not impaired and did not leave the scene,” said Moe. “I exchanged information with the owner of the other vehicle, and I called the accident into the police. Because the charges were withdrawn, the incident has not been part of my public disclosure.”

Moe says the accident took place in Shellbrook.  No one was injured and a breathalyzer was not used.

Moe adds he has always opened up about his past, in an effort to learn from it.

“As a young man, I admit that I have made some poor choices,” said Moe. “However, I have learned from those mistakes, and that’s not the person you see in front of you today.”

The disclosure of the 1994 crash comes after revelations that Moe was involved in a fatal car crash in 1997, when he failed to stop at a stop sign.

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