SARCAN smashes previous recycling records

SARCAN has shattered previous records throughout the summer with close to 60 million containers being collected in August, and serving 140,000 customer in the province.

Sean Homenick, manager of communication and culture for SARCAN, says September will come close to that as well with 43 million containers already being counted from 190,000 customers. It’s an increase of about 25 percent more when compared to previously busy summers.

Homenick says wait times have gone down in rural Saskatchewan. However in Regina, Saskatoon, Prince Albert and Moose Jaw, there can be some longer waits. However he mentions that even those lines have decreased with more people utilizing the drop and go system.

Homenick says over one in three customers are using that system now, compared to three per cent before the pandemic. He calls it the quickest and safest way to bring in recyclables to SARCAN at this time.


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