Fougere outlines priority to end homelessness

Regina Mayor Michael Fougere says the need to end homelessness in the city is a priority and will continue to be if he’s re-elected in November.

The City of Regina’s 5-year-plan dubbed “Everyone is Home” was approved by council last year and focuses on ensuring people have access to housing.

Fougere says he will continue to invest in the plan, if given another term.

“The plan is really a solid one that works on the concept of housing first, and that is  when an individual receives a place to live and then will receive a permanent wrap-around service to help them deal with their mental health issues, or their addictions,” said Fougere. “Services that they require to get back in the community, get their feet on the ground and get moving again.”

Since 2016, the city has invested $16 million and built 588 housing units to help provide support for those in need.

Fougere says while there is a lot of work to be done, he is happy with the progress he has made during his time as mayor.

“In my first term, the aim was to speak to people in terms of the need to do this, in the second term, I’m very proud of the fact that we actually have a plan,” said Fougere. “It’s not someone’s idea, it’s actually a plan that’s been approved by my council. It’s been provided to the federal government and the province. The methodology is very clear, the way to move forward is very clear.”

Fougere adds the plan also outlines the partnerships necessary to fulfilling the plan, and he says the appetite is there.

“It’s really a snapshot as to how we can do this, all the  individual organizations, The Carmicheal Outreach, Phoenix Residential and other, YMCA, YWCA, are all aligned to this and support this,” said Fougere. “The energy is there, the interest is there, the desire is there, it’s just we need to move forward and keep going forward ahead.”

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