Brent Butt hints that season three of ‘Corner Gas Animated’ is ‘best one yet’

Fans of Corner Gas are in for a treat this Thanksgiving weekend as the animated series kicks off season three on Monday night.

Tisdale, Saskatchewan’s own Brent Butt, creator of Corner Gas Animated, said there’s a number of cameos and interesting pieces in the upcoming season that viewers will be interested in checking out.

However for Butt and the rest of the Corner Gas crew, it was important they made sure to not steer away from what they accomplished in the live action series. He said they wanted to deliver the same tone and feel to viewers.

“I didn’t want to take a big left turn. I didn’t want to make it like Gilligan’s Planet kind of thing,” laughed Butt. “I wanted to make it feel like the real show.”

Butt noted how people will want to tune in throughout season three since there will be some well-known celebrities making cameos in some of their episodes.

“We have Brett Kissel who comes on to belt out a lovely country song about a dead dog,” he explained. “Lance Storm, Bret Hart and Trish Stratus also do some cameos in a wrestling episode.”

“We always love doing the cameos and stuff with guest stars. It was developed through the live action series and we carried it over to the animated world. So this season we will have a lot of fun cameos.”

Comedian Andrea Martin, who is one of Butt’s comedic heroes, will be featured in an episode singing a song that he wrote. The guest star list for the third season rounds off with Jason Priestley, Win Butler of Arcade Fire and TSN SportsCentre’s Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole.

The season starts with back-to-back episodes at 8:00 p.m. Saskatchewan time on Monday, October 12 on the CTV Comedy Channel. Reruns of episodes from the previous Corner Gas Animated series will air throughout the day, too.

The season finale goes on December 14 in what Butt said will be a very funny Christmas episode called “Tinsel-itis”.

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