Survey on dangerous driving does not put Saskatchewan in a good place

It is something many of us in Saskatchewan already know, and now a survey is confirming it.’s Safe Drivers Survey 2020 has been released, and Company spokesperson Nicole McKnight says it’s not flattering for the province.

Saskatchewan has the most dangerous drivers in Canada.” McKnight said. “88 percent of those asked admitted to doing something that is related to dangerous driving in the last 12 months.

When it comes to what areas we aren’t really great at, McKnight says there are three in particular.

Eating food while driving was something 63 percent of people admitted to while forgetting to signal was something 42 percent admitted to. “McKnight said.  “38 percent said they were guilty of speeding.”

As for texting and driving, 13 percent of Saskatchewan drivers said they were guilty of doing that with another 13 percent saying they have run a red light.

While the Saskatchewan numbers aren’t great, either are the Canadian numbers.

McKnight says over 19-million Canadians or 63 percent have taken part in some form of reckless driving behavior.


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