RPL stopping practice of overdue fines as of January 1

Saying it is a move being made to make library services more accessible, the Regina Public Library is going to stop charging fees for overdue books and other materials.

“We want more people to utilize our services. ” Sean Quinlan, the Chair of the RPL Board of Directors said. “While paying late fees isn’t an issue for some people, it is for others.  Hopefully, this will allow everyone to come to the library without fear of having to pay fees.”

Quinlan says just because fines are being removed doesn’t mean there still won’t be accountability.

Due dates are still in place meaning those who don’t return materials after 30 days will be charged a replacement fee or have their membership suspended until the items in question are returned.

Quinlan adds this is not just an idea RPL has come up with as many libraries in Canada and the United States are doing the same thing.

As for lost revenue, the library says overdue fees amount to 0.4 percent of their annual budget.

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