White City adds new emergency vehicle to fire department fleet

Residents in White City unveiled a piece of equipment that will soon be seen on roads in the community and surrounding area.

On Wednesday, members of the White City Fire Department, local emergency services and the community were on hand to meet the town’s newly acquired Mobile Operations Unit for the fire department. The unit is a 2007 Freightliner that previously served as an ambulance in Florida until it was purchased by the town.

Randy Schulz, fire chief for the White City Fire Department, said on Wednesday the addition of this vehicle will ensure fire protection and medical response services meet the needs of residents now and in the future.

“This unit will go to the heart of the accident, be able to jump on scene and take over operations,” explained Schulz. “From there, that’s where the fire department or mutual aid departments will be controlled or operated from.”

Fire Chief Randy Schulz speaks to the group on hand for the Mobile Operations Unit’s unveiling on Wednesday, October 14 in White City, SK. (Photo: Moises Canales/620 CKRM)

The unit will be used during fire services, medical responses and other emergencies.

For Schulz, it means they will have different options at their disposal when they’re at the scene of an emergency.

“We have been at accident scenes where the person’s car is totaled off and we have to sit them in one of our fire trucks,” he shared. “Well this way, if the vehicle is totaled off, it’s 40 below, we can put them in the back of the unit and our medical responders can check them out.”

Schulz added that the purchase was made possible by donations from Regina Bypass partners and Enbridge Inc. made earlier this year.

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