NDP says former Sask. Party supporters are backing them this election

Saskatchewan NDP leader Ryan Meili says he’s welcoming the support of former Saskatchewan Party voters this election.

Meili was joined by former Sask. Party supporters at an announcement on Thursday morning in Regina’s Warehouse District. He said these voters and others are concerned about the danger of more cuts during a pandemic.

“Every day, I’m hearing from people who are telling me the Sask. Party is the wrong choice for them and for our province’s future,” stated Meili.

“They know we don’t have to accept more of the same. We have a choice. A choice between cuts and austerity or the investment in people we need today. That’s the choice.”

One of the NDP’s new supporters is David Nicoll who called himself a Sask. Party supporter at one point. But on Thursday, he joined Meili to say he will be voting for the NDP in this election.

Nicoll touched on several concerns he has with the Sask. Party’s record.

“The idea of more cuts – in the middle of a pandemic – worries me deeply. I simply can’t support the Sask. Party this election,” said Nicoll.

“When I think about which party will be the best choice for myself, my family, and our province as a whole, the choice is clear. I’ll be supporting Ryan Meili and the New Democrats.”

Meili will be in Moose Jaw on Thursday afternoon for another platform announcement at Optimist Park.

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