City of Regina’s construction season comes to an end

The construction season in Regina has officially come to an end.

$79.5 million worth of infrastructure projects were either completed or worked on, including phase two of the Victoria Avenue project that began last year.

Mayor Michael Fougere says continuing roadwork during the pandemic allowed people to continue working and to stimulate the economy.

“We resurfaced more than 23 kilometres of roadway, replaced 16 kilometres of sidewalks and installed 3,000 metres of expressway lighting, and a lot more than that,” Fougere said. “I’m very proud that we made the most of the shortened season and work collaboratively with our different departments of the city to ensure we got innovation on the table.”

Spokesperson Kim Onrait says he thanks Regina residents for their patience.

“I always say ‘we have two seasons in Saskatchewan: we have winter, and we have construction,’ and unfortunately construction season causes disruption, and we always ask residents to be patient as we work through our infrastructure projects which are very critical.”

Onrait says some project had to be delayed to 2021.

“We went back to the table, re-evaluated the projects — those that were critical/needed to be done, and those that we actually moved forward to 2021,” Onrait said. “We moved on the roadways side about $6.4 million, and on the water side about $14 million into the 2021 season, which we are just putting together plans for that.”

Some projects saw the companies that completed them receive contract incentives from the city for early completion, something Onrait says will continue in the future.

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