Morin calls on Sask. Party to provide action regarding high residential power bills

Regina Walsh Acres candidate Sandra Morin wants answers as to why residents in her constituency have had no help when it comes to “astronomically high” SaskPower bills.

Morin is challenging the Saskatchewan Party to give answers and provide assistance to people that have received residential power bills of $500, $800 and nearly $2,000 in recent months.

She said this is unacceptable from the government.

“[Residents] reached out to Sask. Party MLA Laura Ross seeking answers and solutions – but nothing. To Scott Moe – nothing,” noted Morin. “Instead, they were given various excuses about not having Smart Meters and not having enough meter readers.”

Ginger Dick, who Morin met while on the campaign trail, is one resident who was hit with a higher than normal power bill.

During Morin’s event on Thursday, she explained how she received a substantial credit on her SaskPower account, something she said is not unusual for her circumstances. But in March when she had a meter read, she was shocked to see a monthly bill for more than $1,400.

“Being a single mom, I’m on a budget and I have other bills to pay. It’s going to be difficult to make those payments,” said Dick. “$1,400 is quite scary for me.”

Morin added that she’s heard from residents outside of her constituency with similar power bill issues in recent months. She said if she is elected as the provincial representative for Regina Walsh Acres, she would be advocating for them.

“Simply telling these individuals either nothing and brushing them off or telling them they have the opportunity to pay these outrageous bills over 12 months is not fair to these individuals,” she mentioned.

Morin is encouraging others who are facing similar outrageously high residential power bills to call her office.

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