NDP promise to remove PST on construction labour; put Sask. jobs first

Saskatchewan NDP Leader Ryan Meili promised to remove the PST from construction labour in the province if elected Premier.

The announcement is part of the NDP’s Sask-First Plan to create jobs and restart the post-COVID economy.

Meili says the PST has made it difficult for Saskatchewan companies to be competitive for contracts.

“Saskatchewan companies, under Scott Moe, have been left out of the biggest projects, and yet, they pay more for the work they do because Scott Moe and the Sask. Party added on the PST to construction labour in Saskatchewan,” said Meili. “Slowing down a key industry in an economic slowdown, a short-sighted move that hurt our economy and cost people jobs.”

Meili says the Sask. Party has a horrible record when it comes to job growth in the province, something that he promises to correct if elected.

“Between the lowest minimum wage in the country, cuts, and driving jobs out the province, Scott Moe has a lot to answer for,” said Meili. “Instead, his silence shows us how little he cares about Saskatchewan workers. While the Sask. Party is putting people out of work, New Democrats are putting people first.”

Meili says contracts for massive projects like the Regina Bypass need to prioritize local workers.

“The job of a Saskatchewan Premier is to make sure the agreements that we’re in, and the work that we do with other provinces and other countries is a benefit to folks like those standing behind me today,” said Meili.

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